A Zurich Inspired Home in Nashville

Gentle, kind, smart, dedicated, creative, funny, fun, strong, determined are just a few words that describe Michelle. A former teacher at a Nashville inner-city school, Carter-Lawrence Magnet School, she devoted herself to not only teaching her students the curriculum but giving them a safe, happy place to be at least for a few hours. While she was there she started a garden for the children so they could see what fresh fruits and vegetables look like — something most of them have never seen.

As I’ve gotten to know Michelle better over the last several years, I’ve been impressed with her optimistic approach to life and her amazing commitment to her family, students and friends. Her attention to detail with her gardening and decorating make her home a showcase. Every nook and cranny is filled with the loveliest vignettes. Thanks, Michelle, for letting me share your home with my friends. :)

Michelle's Home Tour

What are some of your favorite places in Nashville? 

Profession: Retired teacher (special education and 1st grade)

When I think of Nashville, I … When I think of Austin, I think of home. The beach or the mountains is where I wanted to live. When I think of Nashville, I think of the beautiful relationships that have grown here — primarily with John and my children and my sweet sister friends, my kind neighbors and the lovely children I've come in contact with here, the doctors who are so diligently and kindly helping me through my cancer journey. I suppose in the end, its always about relationships for me, rather than environment.

How many years have you lived in Nashville and where else have you lived? I was born in New Jersey. Moved to Houston, Texas when I was 4. Left Houston for Austin when I went to University of Texas. Moved to Nashville in 1992 for John’s postdoctoral work at Vanderbilt. Moved to Zurich, Switzerland in '95 after Emily was born. Moved back to Nashville in '99. Have been here for 15 years.

Museum: Cheekwood & Frist

Park: Radnor Lake

Restaurant(s): too many to pick just one Silo, Yellow Porch, Chuy’s are some of my regulars.

Shops: I shop often at Target, Gap, Anthropology but enjoy junk shops, vintage, second-hand and consignment stores

What’s your alma mater? University of Texas

Hobbies, pastimes and passions: Anything with my children, gardening, birds … I was very passionate about teaching.

Tell me about your family … I have 3 lovely children (Carter 14, Sophie 17, and Emily 19.) I can’t imagine my life without them. They are musical and smart and kind and creative. They bring so much joy into my life. I’ve been married to John for 23 years. He’s been a great life partner and father. I feel very fortunate.

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us? If you came to my house for dinner we’d have Tex Mex, of course.