Why you should learn how to design your website


(Re)launching my website 1000 edits later. 

I've been a graphic designer for more than 15 years and almost a year and a half ago I decided to incorporate coaching and consulting into my business. I saw a need to help small business owners and creative entrepreneurs have access to professional graphic and web design services to help them achieve their marketing objectives. In this process I've designed and redesigned my website so many times I honestly can't even count.

What I discovered though was in designing my website I was actually working on my business structure. That's when it became even more clear how important it was that I know how to design, redesign, edit, make changes, develop a course, add packages, create freebies, graphics and incentives. The list is long. Here's why you need to learn how to design as well.

Learn how to design your website to have a cohesive brand.

Because I'm a professional graphic designer I understand the importance of good design and how it corresponds to great communication. Starting with basic knowledge in graphic design leads to much better web design and not visa versa. Once you have a guide for your brand, learn a few tips and tricks that pros use, and know how the technology works, you are better able to have a cohesive brand throughout your website. Cohesiveness means you'll have better brand recognition, be able to differentiate yourself from others, and most of all build trust. People will respect the attention you give to your brand and take you more seriously.

Learn how to design your website to grow your business.

I can tell you I have changed my website 1000 times and I'm still not finished. Actually every day I see something that I would like do try out or do differently. All small business owners and creative entrepreneurs need this kind of flexibility. If a designer designed your website for you, how are you able to change certain aspects of your business or add packages without reaching out to her to revise your website? My own business changes so much right now as I'm trying to figure out what works best, that I can't think of how you would be able to do that if you don't know how to design it yourself.

Learn how to design your website to save money.

Perhaps hiring a professional is not in your budget right now. I can relate. Trust me. And even if you have the money to hire someone to design your logo or your website, how the heck can you possibly make changes without spending more money. It's a vicious cycle that never ends. The best way is to learn basic graphic design skills and then learn how to design your own website. This combination ensures that your brand is not only cohesive, but saves you loads of money in the long-run. Of course, since I'm a professional, it's my duty to advise you that your ultimate goal should always be to get to a place where you can hire a professional either to teach you how to do it yourself or to do all or part of your designing for you.  

Your website is your calling card.

First impressions are crucial to your business. They can make or break a sale or destroy trust and encourage or discourage engagement. Therefore your website's design is super important to creating a cohesive brand that will ultimately grow your business. It's the backbone of all of your marketing endeavors. Knowing how to design it (the right way) will make you look professional and give you all the flexibility you need to build a successful brand.

Take a peak at my website.

See it today and come back tomorrow because it will always be changing as my business grows and I see what works and what doesn't.