Coaching Programs

Finally, the coaching and support you need to learn graphic and website design to build your brand and market your business.


Graphic & website design skills and resources for your brand

  • What if your brand looked like you hired a professional graphic designer?
  • What if you could save time and learn how to design ALL your brand visuals yourself?
  • What if you had the support you need to get it up and running faster and with less stress?
  • And what if you could save money by not having to hire a designer for everything?

The Design a Brand Program is for people just like you

  • People who want their brand to look amazing but don't know how to create it. 
  • People who are overwhelmed and need a roadmap to learn more easily.
  • People who want to work with a professional designer but can't afford it. 
  • People who want to design a brand that reflects how amazing they are so they can attract the right kind of customer.

Three ways to learn


graphic design

How do you look like you hired a professional? You learn from one. Let's cut to the chase. You need help. You have a limited budget and you have less patience. Learning graphic design from the ground up will help you more than anything else. Understanding the foundations of good design will help you create a cohesive brand that reflects your awesomeness and attracts the right customer. 


graphic design

Everything needs to be designed. Yep, your logo, your website, your newsletter, your social media graphics, your blog, flyers, postcards, business cards etc. The list is long. You can't brand or market your business without design. The best investment you can make, no matter where you are in your business, is to learn how to design. And the best way to learn is one-to-one, LIVE, guided and with lots of support.


website design

In the beginning I taught small business owners how to design their own website in Squarespace. But because my goal is to make you look your BEST, I quickly saw that website design takes a little more experience. So I developed this five-day branded template design and training program. This way you can have the best of both worlds. I can help you design and brand your template while I train you.

Who is Lisa?

Lisa Dunn Design.jpg

I'm a graphic designer with 20+ years of experience, a Squarespace website trainer and a brand design coach. 

I've worked with top-notch agencies in Nashville, big-box national retailers, large e-commerce sites, music-industry magazines, several established influencers, most of Nashville's fine arts organizations and so many more.

In the last several years I've noticed that more and more entrepreneurs, coaches and realtors are designing their own graphic and website designs. With a computer, an online tutorial and a few apps they set out to design their logo, postcards and websites.

Some of them are not so bad but sadly to say the majority of the designs I see are really, really not so great. They do not look branded, professional and reflect poorly on an otherwise very professional business.

To be honest the results can look cheap. Trying to skimp on your visual brand is a really bad idea. If you can't invest in your brand and marketing how do you expect your customers to take you seriously.

Which is the reason why I came up with the idea to help people learn how to design from A-Z and all in one place. With an initial investment for way less than the cost of a custom website design you can work with a professional graphic designer and Squarespace trainer.

I developed this program to bridge the gap between the DIY business, owner who does not have a penny to invest in their brand, to the seasoned business owner, who has the budget to hire a designer and assistants to help them with their marketing.

If you don't have the money to hire me full time but you most certainly can learn from me. My goal is to give you the ability to start designing a brand that looks professional, cohesive and attracts the perfect customer.   VIEW MY PORTFOLIO >

Testimonial Photo Carol.png
"Lisa is a true professional, and I highly recommend her!  I had just started my own business and had no idea where to start with creating a website — just knew I had to have one.  She walked me through the whole process, from understanding my position in the marketplace to knowing how to project a consistent image that attracts the customers I want. Her years of experience simplify what would otherwise be an overwhelming task.  Sign up for this workshop — you won't go wrong."


Testimonial Photo Jamie.png
"Starting a new business is exciting but also overwhelming. Lisa helped me quiet the noise and focus on learning how to design a solid brand from my logo to my website and everything in between."


Testimonial Photo Jennifer.png
"Lisa’s coaching and course provided me with the tools and resources to create a brand image, learn design basics, work in Squarespace and streamline what can be an overwhelming process. I am now building our business in a more strategic manner and expanding into complementing arenas. A great ROI!"


Testimonial Photo Judy.png
"After seven years in business, it was time to refresh my brand to reflect the expanded scope of my business. Lisa brilliantly guided me through the process, as both a teacher and a mentor, and I am thrilled with my new brand!"