The I DESIGN my BRAND Referral Program



The I DESIGN my BRAND coaching program and in-person intensives teach creative entrepreneurs design basics so that they can build a better brand. The best way for me to market this awesome course is to be referred by clients (old and new), friends, colleagues and members of the groups and organizations I belong to.

I believe this old-fashioned, grass-roots approach will help me be able to reach those who are ready to take their branding visuals to a new level. This referral program is to help you, help my future clients and help me grow my business. Your support in these early stages is important and greatly appreciated.  



It's pretty simple. For every referral from you who purchases one of the Design a Brand courses, I'll give you 10% of the cost of the workshop they purchase. In turn the student receives a $50 coupon that can be used for any of my virtual assistant packages. The best part is there are no limits to how many clients you can refer. Get rewarded every single time.

For those who are hosting workshops, referral fees and bonuses are negotiable. I'll make it worth your while. In addition if you are an influencer, your fees may differ and can be discussed further.

Some of you may be generous and want to donate your referral reward back to your referral. We'll negotiate this option.

Lisa Dunn Design Commission Chart.jpg


While you can spread the word however you like, I'll also provide you with social media posts or email marketing materials. In addition you will be given a code to give to your referral. This will be how I track your referrals. If you need anything else, of course, I'll be able to design it and get it to you. 


Once your new referral purchases and completes the course, I will notify you about collecting your reward. 


Your referral MUST purchase the workshop and complete all the sessions including bonus sessions. The commission is based on the total amount the student pays including any bonuses or discounts. Although there are no cancellations (tickets are transferable), there are always exceptions to the rules.