Let's explore the step-by-step process to get the designs, branding and marketing you need to run your business.


If you were my best friend, this is what I'd tell you to do to get started building a brand and marketing your business. No BS. Just the honest truth.

Let's not sugar coat this either. You must commit with your time and money to create and build a brand, not only in the beginning but it should become a line item in your budget for the future. Don't skip around. The best way to learn is from the beginning.


Phase One: Set up your Brand Identity


Set yourself up with a mix of guidance and professional design to get the best results.

Phase One is the foundation. Don't skip any of these steps. This phase does not include blogs, social media or any kind of advertising. This is the most important part of building a solid brand. 

Step One

Branding 101 One-to-One Online Workshop

Understand what branding really is and what the difference is between branding and marketing. Why you should have a cohesive brand. And initially how you get started creating a brand.

Step Two

Logo Design + Inspiration Board + Style Guide

Don't skimp on your logo. It's a reflection of who you are. It's like the kind of car you drive or the house you live in. I know you want to look your best why would you not want that for your business?

BUT TO BE VERY CLEAR, a logo is not the key to creating a cohesive brand, you need a brand style guide. It's the foundation of your entire brand. Many of you may already have a logo but if you don't have a style guide, get one. 

Step Three

Learn How to Design

Unless you have money to hire a full-time graphic designer, you will more than likely need to learn how to design a little. From there you can design a few templates that can keep everything consistent and save you loads of time. Save time. Save money. Have the tools you need to design it yourself.

Step Three Alternative

Outsource Everything You Can with a Creative Assistant

I get it. Some of you truly don't have time. That's where your style guide comes in handy because you can share it with a designer or virtual assistant and they will have everything they need to brand your business. I offer packages starting at $250 that can be used for graphic design and website design to planning and organizing your social media. I can help you get started so it's easier for you to implement.

Step Four

Branded Website Template Design + Training

For those on a tight budget, you must be strategic with your money. Hire a designer to set up your branded template and simultaneously train you. My price for this package starts at $1,050. I love this package because it gives you the flexibility you need to make your own updates and changes.

For those who want someone else to do it ALL. My full-service package starts at $2,500 for up to five pages. 

TIP: Website design does NOT include content or photography. It will be your responsibility to provide the designer with:

  • Professionally photographed headshots
  • Branded photography
  • Text for your website. I highly recommend hiring a professional copywriter to at least edit your content.